Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Subjugate and Supply this Transubstantiation

Had a very strange dream, where I went home and my Mother had joined a cult-ish type commune, where the actor who plays "Ben", the leader of the Others in Lost, was the leader. Stephen Ellis was also part of the cult, and wandered around armed to the teath (a switchblade, peper spray, a knife, a big flashlight, a taser, and at least three other things).

It was a very frustrating and somewhat scary dream---I understand a bit the struggle families must go through when their loved ones get sucked in. She knew she didn't want to be there, but was having trouble figuring out how to get out.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ancient History

This is just to say:

I kinda want to be Bryan Doerries when I grow up.


Ok. Sleep now, my "Philoctetes" reading tomorrow...exciting!

Here's to the soldiers who marched in the Wars...

Nothing so deep as last time. Just:

-Health Insurance might be a little more affordable than I thought.

-I found "Lunatic Fringe" for Mac online.

-I need to put togther a website/online resume for myself.

-I see what people mean about wanting a "Life PSM"

-I remembered why I love directing today.

-Actually, that last one will be a full post in itself. I'm going to go get a drink with Bryan Doerries, then maybe come back and write it. Or else, write it tomorrow or something.

-I've spent a little bit too much money this weekend.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Show, don't tell

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

-Carl Sagan
(thanks, Google-taskbar-quotes-thing)


Here's to spring, to all we've loved and all who loved us,
to all the lovers and the love they made.
Nothing that was between them was a mistake.
All that we did for love's sake was not wasted, and will never fade.

-Garrison Keillor
(thanks, Lily's facebook profile)


Broke out my HS senior yearbook this weekend, at Reid's request. Funny, looking through the things people wrote there---both the actual close friends, and the acquaintances that I had write just to keep a record for myself, of the small things that happened which I'll inevitably forget about until I open the book again.

I grow more and more convinced that "Lost" is really just a filmed version of "Myst."

There was a note in the yearbook from a girl who I had a huge crush on, and have since...forgotten about? Not really---I am still aware of her existence, though we haven't talked in several years---but I had _forgotten_ in some significant way until I read through the yearbook. I guess that's why we keep these things, hmm?

For the first time, there is something indescribably exciting about a world outside of this one. I walked out under the streetlights in the parking lot, and almost figured something out, but then Daniel came and gave me a ride the rest of the way home. I'm kind of glad it got interupted---I'm not quite ready to figure it all out yet. Something very exciting about it, though.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

In his deep house at Ry'leh

Nate! Nate! Links for you!

And, GOOD GOD do I want to see this:

Can we track it down if it's real? Watching party sometime when I'm in Ohio?

Courage, heart

Every once in a while, something magical happens on stage. That always reminds me why I do theatre- why it is the most important thing I (personally) could do with my life. There's so much theatre that drags us down---not because it's depressing, or negative, or crude, or crass---but because it is bad. When I see a real moment, however---then I remember what I'm working towards: it is worth it to keep trying, so that I might eventualy give someone a moment of Clarity, like I have been given. Having been in the "world saving" buisness---I do think that these sort of things are really what our generation needs to be saved.

So, Godot was absolutely incredible. Seriously, the whole team did amazing things. It was consistantly funny, touching, moving...and comprehensible.

Having folks here has been really amazing---hadn't realized how lonely I'd been. Kicking around with folks has been really nice. No offense to my friends here at Kenyon---but its hard, you know?

Looking forward to three weeks in Chicago, though. Will be the longest stretch of time I've been anywhere since November or December.

Have two definite gigs for St. Patrick's day---one is a private party, but the other is a bar gig---so if you're going to be in Chicago, you should definitely come see us! We'll be playing at Lilly's Bar up north, 9:30 on March 13th. Going to be great.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brothers, Sisters, this is what he said!

I've been posting a lot of links lately, but these are key enough that everyone needs to see them. Or see them again.

Ali G on "Feminism"

Ali G on "Science, Evolution, and Creation"

Watch as hope slowly dies in the face of the younger scientist.

Also... WMDs or...BLTs....

Oh man, its around 1 am. Need to be up early. Sleep!

That's how we show our respect for Paddy Murphy...

Hey all,

If you're on Myspace, friend the new band: "Three Spying Soldiers" (Finnegan's Wake quote).

These are really limited recordings, done on a macbook, all acoustic, and in a time crunch (covered my tracks enough? Good. You want to hear studio-type recordings?

But! Its going to be cool music! If you're in Chicago, come see us---we'll be playing a couple of gigs around St. Paddy's day. If you know a bar that plays live music, that you think we could get a gig at...tell me about them!

Hope you're all well.



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monstrous Manual

Yeah? Yeah.

I could swear I heard her say:

Guidance needed: I can't seem to get a photo to load...anyone else have a problem with this? Let me know if you found a solution.

I'm back in Gambier, doing pretty well. Anthony, Em. Petes, and Steph are all coming down this weekend, so that's very exciting.

Weird bus trip last night, which feels worth writing about (blogging about, even? I guess, despite the fact that this is a Blog, and I write in it somewhat regularly, I don't feel like I can actually call myself a Blogger. Maybe one of these days.


I'm sitting on the Megabus, in a set of seats that face each other--that look like this: I_ _I rather than I_ I_ (that was a lot easier to explain in person. Did you get it?)

Those are the most comfortable seats, by the way---more leg room, you can stretch out and put your feet up, etc. So I sit down, arrange my stuff, and this girl walks over and asks if she can sit down there. I say...sure, go for it. We talk for a few seconds, then both settle into our books. Got to talking again a while later, and ended up in conversation until Indianapolis, at 2 am or so. Really helped cut down the travel time. Learned a new improv game. Then I slept for the rest of the time, which was good---though I was still a bit fried for the day.

The point of talking about this at all? First off, I started feeling weird about writing about this halfway through the post--not sure why. I'll parse that later. The real center is, I feel like I've spent some amount of time in the last month or so talking to complete strangers, many of whom I have nothing in common. That's been a little strange for me. I guess I'm used to sharing something like where we go to school (Kenyon), or...well, whatever High School was about.

The point of this? I've got the edge of a flu, and I'm rambling and feeling weird. If I get totally incoherent and post later tonight, you'll know I was unsuccessful in staving off illness.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rebels are We

Flogging Molly--third time, still excellent. First time I've been to the House of Blues in Chicago, reasonable venue.
Just as soaked in beer and sweat (mine and other's) as I expected.
Great openning bands---"Dusty Rhodes and the River band" and "Rev. Peyton and his Big Damn Band" were both intense. Both are on myspace--give them a listen. Rev. Peyton and co. especially put on an AMAZING show....

The crowds were pretty tame for the first two bands, though there was a bit of moshing for Rev. Peyton...but, as it always does, all hell broke loose with Flogging Molly. Amazing show, lots of key songs played...and folks, I got to take my sister to her first Flogging Molly show (and one of her first rock shows--though she's been to Catch 22 without me, so it's not really the first). It was really an amazing amout of fun---she's a more fearless mosher than I am, was going toe to toe not only with the smaller folks around her, but also the 300 lbs drunk guys who would come hurtling out of the crowd. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time being 'older brother', which in this case meant diving in front of said gorillas as they travered the pit...but yeah. I have an awesome sister.

Now, a shower, and I pass out.

Jeff and Karen after FM 1

Jeff and Karen after FM 2

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today I am...

...celebrating Lupercalia, rather than Valentine's day.

No, seriously, I'm not bitter at the holiday or anything. "Whatevz," as Shakespeare probably wouldn't have said if he had been born in our age. More thoughts on "dating," etc may follow in a later post---maybe after Saturday(hint).

Seriously, though...chocolate is great, as are roses...but can they be compared feasting and flailing with goat-skins?

Also, symbolic human sacrifice. Lordy, the Romans were characters, weren't they?

Plus, it goes three days! February 13-15.

Who's with me?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

..and goodwill towards Dolphins.

On further review of "The Greatest Thing Ever,"

I do believe it is fundamentally telling that "Peace on Earth" went down to "Sharks."

Someday, someone will see that, and suddenly some interaction (disaster) caused by one of us will make perfect sense.

A Strict Bear-aterian/A Sick Pair of Merry Men

Something I had never fully appreciated while here before: free printing. Gotta love it.

Which is to say, printed scripts for several new projects, maybe killed a bunch of treees (does Kenyon use recycled paper? I'm going to get on that).

Is it weird to anyone else that Backwoods Ohio has a better recycling program that Chicago? I mean, yes, recycling isn't the be all and end all of conservation (trust me, I know), but still....

I think various '07rs are coming into town to see Godot, I'm very excited. Boo on missing Adrienne next weekend...but it'll be great to see Karen.

Blood was awesome---was majorly inspired. I think I wrote the ending to War Stories, accidentaly---it ended about two or three scenes before I thought it would. I guess we'll see how it holds up in workshopping, I expect most of it to change.

I got a library card to the Gambier Public Library yesterday. I think that's when you know you're part of a community---when you join the local library. I still havn't done that in Chicago---really need to get on that.

Also, we're in I don't know how mant inches of snow here---and since I don't actually have to work today, I think I'll just hole up, write, and maybe walk the three blocks to the library and check out a book and a movie.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Shillelagh Law was all the rage...

So, I'm coming to you folks for inspiration.

I need a new name for an irish band.

I want your suggestions.

Let the games begin?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Music, Writing, Trails, and Myst

In Columbus, spent a day or so out here after wednesday's class. I'll be heading back into Gambier to see "Blood," then most likely staying there until class next wednesday.

Chicago was wonderful, I'm settling in to the rhythm of the back and forth a little better now that it's more regular.
(That was an aesthetically unpleasing sentence, but I don't think I'm going to fix it. Ah well.)

Appalachian Trail: I've decided that this July is not the time for it, but its in the future at some point. I'm going to need July in Chicago---but I'm going to try to spend at least a good chunk of the summer camping. In addition, I was very encouraged both by the positive feedback, and the number of people who said they might be interested in walking part of it. So, for those of you who are in foreign nations (Annie, Amy), we'll talk when you get back stateside, yes? Others who might be interested---we'll talk, neh?

Finally got back in the saddle with writing---not sure how/why it worked, but man--felt good.
Seeing "Blood" tonight, Flogging Molly next weekend with Karen...these are both exciting things.

A small side note: I recently borrowed the 2nd season of Lost, finally got around to watching the last few episodes. I think I realized why I like (not love, not thoroughly enjoy) the show---I mean, other than the fact that they're written in such a way that each episode is, in the end, both psychologicaly and chemicaly addictive). The whole series...its like someone filmed 3 years of someone playing Myst! Seriously---mysterious island, strange technological bunkers, unexplained heiroglyphics, a code that just happens to be written on the outside of the hatch, which you need to enter into a computer inside? Also, the "Other's" huts in the end of the second season are _straight_ out of Riven. Its like someone was playing Myst, and thought---you know what? This would make a great TV show, if people could die in it.

A final note:


"Outside around the side
form a circle forward- I'm an
outsider on the side
formerly a farm-boy

Inside I'm on the side
i'm divided undecided
back then around again
second time's a charm boy"

Also: Sean McGowan is the "real thing." I couldn't be this crusty if you stuffed me with flour and yeast and baked me at 450 f for 80 minutes.
But damn, does he write a beautiful song. The second video is a bit hard to watch though, isn't it?