Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mission from God

Here we go again--longer update now? We'll see.

Been a nice couple of weeks. Lots of job applications, etc, etc...I won't talk about that, as it isn't very interesting.

Slightly more interesting (at least, to me):

-Finished draft 3.5-ish of War Music, finally getting to a better place. That's exciting.

-Have been two a couple of movies at Grant Park (The Odd Couple and most of Blues Brothers). Thoroughly wonderful experience, though we didn't make it through the movie last night--started pouring towards the end, and while we stayed for a while (and were soaked straight to the bone), when the rain began to drown out the dialog and singing, we packed it in. Riding the El soaked? Not that bad. Not having my book in the backpack ruined? Handy. Wearing a skirt all night because it was the only thing at my friend's house that fit?

Probably fairly expensive, when I'm running for president.

-Have been watching Youtube clips of "Whose line is it anyway?"...a wonderful diversion.

-Made a tough decision this morning. Was going to apply for a position at Greasy Joan and Co. theatre(Shakespearian & Classical theatre), as their "Resident Dramaturge." Was a long, hard choice not to just "go for it"...but ultimately the right one, I think. I had gotten over the fact that I've never really been a full dramaturge on a production---I feel like I was up to the challenge. However, it was non-paying, and as I'll be (hopefully) starting up a full time job very soon, I would have to deal with learning the ropes on both at the same time. This left me a little distressed--was I giving something up, not diving in with both feet? We need to take risks, etc, yadda yadda yadda. Really though, what sealed the deal for me was the new draft of "War Music." Really, that's my project for right now--I need to get that up on its feet somewhere in this town. I don't want to be diverting energy away from that at this point...too much work to be done.
So, I'm going to look for another way to work with Greasy Joan in the near future, maybe in something a bit smaller. I'll send them the writing sample I worked up, and see what happens.

Anyway---that's some of what is going on in life. I'll try to write again sometime soon. Hope you are all well.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Evil is on the Rise

No, for serious guys.

It will only be up until the 20th.

Trust me, it will drastically improve your life.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Song and Dance


Joss Whedon's internet super-villain-mad-scientist musical?

Yes please.

Running and Jumping

I just had the weirdest dream in the world.

Well, maybe not.

But! In it, I was directing a play, and it was the TRAIN WRECK of TRAIN WRECKS.

At least the organization of the thing. You know, the classic---we're opening, and I suddenly realize I haven't actually given the actors any direction. Its in the black box, and I don't actually know what time the show starts. As a result, at 9:30, suddenly I look down at a program and realize that we said the show was starting at 7:30. The ushers set up chairs all through the space, not leaving a stage, then facing in different directions. General chaos. Show starts. Colin Mannex drives an escalade over someone in the audience (again, as part of the show). The show is somewhere between the Vagina Monologues and the Laramie Project, except its about traditional male gender roles. I'm watching, and watching, and realize I haven't set anything that is happening.

But you know what? It ended up...well, having some redeemable qualities. Was kinda interesting.

Then I wake up, and slowly come to the realization that no such play exists. So? I think I might write it. Hmmmmm....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Good to be back home again

Back in Chicago, at long last!

There are a couple of stills on Facebook from the movie---there should be a rough cut in 6+ months or so? Maybe a little more, maybe a little less?

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, mostly for sharing the time with all of the wonderful people. Movie making is...intense.

Being back in Chicago is very nice. A lot of friends have been gone for the weekend, so I'm looking forward to being reunited with persons various and sundry during the week. Playing music on Tuesday, seeing Julia and Molly tomorrow, Anna sometime during the week...all of these things make me very happy.

Applied for a job this morning---going to try to keep myself at at least one application sent in per day, with more on days that I wander around town looking for help wanted signs. Now that I'm living in the city, it seems so much easier to find work, for some reason. Lets see if that's true.

We to Todd Detmold's house last night, was a thoroughly good time. Nice to have him in the city, hopefully we'll see more of him.

Been sleeping a lot during the day, but waking up early too---I like the latter, though I guess I'll have to break the habit of the former sooner rather than later.

Other than that? I'm full to bursting with projects and ideas, wondering what the next job will be, anxious (a bit) about loans, and generally, very, very content.