Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two posts in as many days...

Amazing, right?

First off----the link to Collaboraction's Blog. I'm going to be posting in this fairly often---this week is an interview with Anthony Moseley (Collaboraction Artistic Director) on the upcoming "El Grito Del Bronx"...

Check it out:

News on the personal front:

-Gabe (my roomate) has returned!
-I'm starting to formulate plans for next September (not the coming one) that may involve higher education. Or rather, even higher education. Did that make sense?
-This is exciting, as it has inspired me to really get back in the saddle artistically. Expect to hear more on that soon (including possibly a Radio Play, an American Tour of a 1 woman show[I would be directing, rather than acting], and more!)
-I've decided to stay in Bridgeport for another year at least.
-Had a great birthday---lots of folks made the trek down to my neck of the woods, and there was celebration and carousing until well into the morning.

More as it comes!