Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dinosaur Rock

I realized a bit ago that to some degree I am still caught up in the...institutional?...thinking that dominated life up until graduation from college. That is, I have breaks at regular and predictable periods, and during that time one is allowed to do certain things, like relax, or travel.

However. I am young, semi-employed, and relatively untethered. Since work has cut hours, I have decided to take the apples given to me by life, and make cider. Some of this cider will be consumed fresh, some will be left to ferment.

For instance: Megabus charges me ~$20 to travel to Ohio and back. If I'm going to keep getting 4 day weekends from work, there is very little reason not to take a weekend or two and travel. It worked out well going to Cleveland, and will work nicely for Athens (OH) in April. Now, money is still a problem---but $20? Every so often, that can be afforded.

Also, I have clever plans, most of which are going well so far.

Peaches and sunshine,