Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's in a name?

I find myself, after a long life of never really acquiring any good nicknames, having two within the space of a couple weeks. Both of which I enjoy.

Previous nicknames? Endless permutations/corruptions of my name- Jeffy, Chef, Chef-Jeff, etc---don't seem to really count. For a brief and slightly bizarre couple of months, I was nicknamed "Leech"...not for any good reason. During High school, there was a small group of people who regularly called me "Spike"---though that's not really a sticking kind of name. Or...well...sorry. Oh! At least 'dreas and Drew on the fencing team called me "Oh Captain my Captain" with somewhat alarming frequency (especially because they kill...and maybe eat?...him at the end of the poem). I still liked that one though.

What brings this up? There are too many people named "Jeff" at work, so I go by "Nils" while there. I'm finally learning to respond to it, but its kinda strange. Also, everyone has a different pronunciation, which is actually fine---doesn't bother me, as it isn't really my name...but I think some other people are confused by it.

Laundry is reaching a critical point---I need to find a new system of dealing with it. Unfortunately, I have the sneaking suspicion that today, that system is going to be "Wait until Tuesday."

Dan is in Chicago--saw him briefly last night, and will hopefully get down to the beach today.

Been watching a bit of the Stargate tv ventures---not the sterling glory of the original movie, but fun in premise, if nothing else. Not the worst acting for a sci-fi channel series either.

Also starting to work through Bob Fagles' translation of the Aeneid--been a while since I read the work, so I'm pretty excited.

Music plug for my friend--check out their new demo at . I especially like "White Roofed Chapel" and "Enslave the Whales." Kinda artsy-indy etc rock. Would have played well at the Horn, but with more people enjoying them, and less people banging randomly on drums. Includes one of my favorite new lyrics:

"I am not like the women he knew -
I am hip to
the science behind the bombs."

Also---for those of you who haven't seen: a rough cut teaser for "Kitchen Hamlet"--not sure if I've posted this here yet.

Feels good to post again---I'll have another update soon, I feel like I've got more to write about.

And yes, for those keeping score, I didn't give you the second new nickname. That can probably come later. You know how it is.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love Story

I just received a note in a bottle.

Anyone know anything about this?

Oh! I think I figured it out!


Monday, August 11, 2008

I was determined in Chicago

Posting in the last few minutes before running off to work:

-Karen is now officially in college. This awakened a short salvo of nostalgia for the beginning of Freshman year. Something absolutely beautiful about the newness.

-This quickly reminded me: this morning, I woke up very early (or, really, never actually got to sleep---waking dreams, etc prevented it) and sat on my stoop, staring at the Chicago morning. This is also a beautiful thing.

-Days off mean something again, which is kind of nice. Yesterday was an ideal combination of sleep in-brunch-olympics-theatre-dinnerwithfriend-moreolympics-listening to tunes-sleep.

-Speaking of which, Mens 400 freestyle? Just happened to catch it...most fun I've had watching dudes splash around in a long time.

-Also speaking of which (not really), party on saturday was a smashing success. Highlights: Group harmonies on "Knockin' on heaven's door," Walker almost fitting through a hole in our floor, 3 am ravioli, and generally good times with great people. Also, I finally met one of our neighbors, who was a nice guy.

-Not speaking of which at all: nothing corrects a bad mood at all like Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads" or Bright Eyes (in general). Nick Cave at night, Bright Eyes in the morning.

Ok, time for work again. Be well all.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Just to say--for those of you who have been listening to me kvetch and yelp about not having a job, I have re-entered the world of employment! I'll be going in tomorrow to sign paperwork with Barnes and Noble, in the loop.

Selling books. I think this could work for me.

Thank you all for your patience.

More interesting posts to follow.